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International transportation

Economical globalization growing very fast, given birth to international transportation of cargo increasing in volume from day to day. All World countries connecting each other by economical relations. Today our clients needs deliveries from countries of Europe, CIS, North and South Americas, Australia, Africa, meaning all over the World in fact. Not only geographic factor but type of cargo and conditions of delivery are very important. All these factors affecting to International logistics market made it more flexible and fast responded to needs of clients – shippers and consignees. Thanks to ocean shipping lines possible deliveries separated each other by seas, and distance not a matter on today. Due to using of universal containers  – forwarding and reloading in transshipment points became very easy. Railway transportation allows cross very large continental spaces and change type of transport thanks to using containers. Trucking needed when transit time is important factor, volume of cargo made unprofitable air transportation and range not so large to use railway shipping. At last, when transit time – is a top priority in delivery – air transport helps to provide that.

In case of combined use of several types of transports, used multimodal deliveries, based and involved with logistics “tailor-made-solutions”. During engineering of schemes such that’s, we should take into consideration much of details, use experience and practice base to build maximum profitable and needed logistics chain. It’s main task for our company – ask us, and we will help!

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