Making order for
logistics service
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Making order for logistics service

Your actions to order logistics service for your cargo:

  1. Call by phone or write down by e-mail request with detailed information of cargo, places of loading and destination, needed service and special conditions.
  2. Receiving from us designed scheme of delivery, with explanations, chargeable transit time, types of used transpots, route and cost of service.
  3. Sending us official signed and stapled order for service.
  4. Receiving from us confirmed order.
  5. Inform us with contact details of shipper and cargo identify information.
  6. Receiving daily report of location cargo and status, information about possible changes in the route or used transport (agreed with you only) due to changes in your order or force-majeure conditions.
  7. Payment of invoice which we issue to You.
  8. Receiving of cargo at warehouse of consignee with our representative (if needed).

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